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When on holidays in Ibiza there are many places that are essential in any tour seeking to discover the whole island, but which are usually very crowded. But beyond the most famous and popular corners, there are endless possibilities and very special places unknown to most tourists, reserved only for those willing to explore the other Ibiza.

They are lovely places full of charm that have all the essence of Ibiza, but you will not find them in the main guides, so today we will go off the main “track” and show you 5 secret places that will make your Ibiza experience way more original.


El Bigotes restaurant at Cala Mastella
Cala Mastella is one of the most hidden beach coves of the north of the island, as it passes unnoticed on the way to more crowded beaches such as Cala Llenya and Cala Boix. It is well worth going out of the way to visit this coastal enclave since it is one of the most cozy and quiet coves of Ibiza. On the left side of the beach you will find several typical fishermen’s huts and where one of the most unique restaurants on the island is located, ‘El Bigotes’ (literally, the whiskers), named after its owner and who for years has been in charge of preparing one of the most delicious ‘Bullit de Peix’ of Ibiza. A highly recommended visit if you want to enjoy the authentic Ibizan cuisine in a typical and relaxed atmosphere.

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La Paloma Cafe in Sant Llorenç
Very few restaurants on the island are so in touch with nature as La Paloma, located in the bucolic village of Sant Llorenç. This original restaurant has a lovely and cozy terrace in the shadow of various fruit trees surrounding the main house. The main attraction here is in the homemade elaboration of even the bread and the use of fresh ingredients and produce from their own garden in many of the dishes. There is nothing like enjoying a healthy meal full of flavor with views of the fields of Sant Llorenç in the background.

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Snack bar Es Pas S’Illa

A curious strip of sand linkin Sa Illa des Bosc de Sant Miquel and the island of Ibiza, which is known as Playa des Pas de s’Illa, a place away from crowded touristy spots but at the same time near the popular beach Port of Sant Miquel. And even while it is away from touristy spots no beach is complete without its indispensable ‘chiringuito’ (beach bar), the perfect place to refuge when the sun is at its peak. At this beach bar, with over thirty years of history, you will feel like at home thanks to the hospitality of the native Ibizan people who run it. Grilled meats, salads and sandwiches are the main attraction of their menu. Simple dishes perfect for spending a fantastic day at the beach.

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Bar La Escalinata in Dalt Vila
The main routes through Dalt Vila usually start in the Portal de Ses Taules gate, near the port of Ibiza, to reach to the top, where the cathedral is located. But if you enter the ‘Walled City’ by the Portal Nou gate, located on the south side, you will arrive directly at the entrance of the bar S’Escalinata, a colourful corner which its terrace is the same deck staircase with comfortable cushions inviting to rest after a long walk through the historic streets of Ibiza. From here you can contemplate a wonderful view of the city when having either breakfast as well as lunch or dinner with simple but tasty dishes with some original touches. Definitely a perfect place to spend a cool and lovely afternoon with friends and beers.

Photo of Ruben Hernández Segovia


Can Sulayetas en Sant Miquel

Locals are the frequent customers of one of the most traditional bars of Sant Miquel. This is the legendary Can Sulayetas restaurant, a typical place that pioneered serving ‘montaditos’ (small sandwiches) with authentic ‘pan payés’ (traditional Ibizan country bread). This place is located halfway between Sant Miquel and Sant Mateu and when passing by, it may not catch your attention, but appearances are deceptive because it is in places like this where you’ll find the ‘real Ibiza’. The prices are very affordable and they offer several simple cuisine dishes, but prepared with great care. If you want a non-touristy restaurant where to stop and enjoy a tasty meal in a casual environment with an open air terrace where you can enjoy the Ibizan countryside, do not hesitate to visit them, you will surely love it.

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