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There are a thousand ways to get to know Ibiza and one of our favourites is to do it by sea. If you are adventurous, you like adrenaline and you are ready to get to know the most natural face of the island … this post is for you. We have prepared a kayak route along the coast of Sant Antoni that will be the perfect highlight for your holiday at Residencial Bogamarí this summer.

We have prepared a map so you do not miss any of the key places that this route will show you. This route is just 5km, but we remind you not to forget to bring water and put on sunscreen and a hat, since the sun in the summer months is really hot and you will not find shade during the journey.


We will start our route in the Sant Antoni Yacht Club, where we can rent all the necessary equipment and the kayak for our small excursion, besides they also have sailing courses, kite surfing and much more. Suitable for all ages

On this journey we can appreciate the outline of the coast of Sant Antoni, as well as some mythical places that look really beautiful when viewed from the sea



With our team ready, we launch ourselves into the Mediterranean and start our route. We are heading towards Cala Salada, one of the most beautiful beaches of the municipality and the island. We will leave the marina of Sant Antoni on the right side and continue with the coast on our right during the whole journey. After leaving the port we start to see Ses Variades, home to places like Café del Mar or Café Mambo with a great reputation for its sunsets.

We will continue towards Caló des Moro, a small urban cove that has, behind it, one of the favourite places for locals and tourists: Golden Buddha, where a cocktail while watching the sunset becomes an experience. Make a note to visit this place when you return to the land!

We continue paddling until we reach the Aquarium of Cap Blanc, here we recommend you make a short stop, as the place deserves it. You can have some refreshments on its curious terrace and also visit its aquarium, where you will find some of the native marine species of Ibiza. After our short stop, we return to the sea.



Foto: Aquarium Cap Blanc


Leaving the Aquarium behind us, we begin to see in a small bend of the coast two small coves, the first on the right is Cala Gració and a little further on Cala Gracioneta, maybe on the way back you can go to and take a rest on its beach of fine, white sand.


Continuing along the coast for a couple of kilometres, we arrive at Punta Galera, you have surely heard of this curious place, which has rocky platforms with whimsical shapes sculpted by nature that are filled with bathers in the summer months. A curious fact: look for the great head of Buddha that is here.

We continue in our kayak on the Mediterranean Sea for about 1 km along the coast until we begin to glimpse our goal: Cala Salada and Cala Saladeta.


Both surrounded by green conifers and nature. With crystal clear water and golden sand. Cala Salada is usually more crowded so we recommend you take your deserved swim in Cala Saladeta.

If you arrive at lunch time, you can take the opportunity to try the Mediterranean cuisine prepared at the beach restaurant, the true taste of the sea!

You can return to the port of Sant Antoni by the same route, as we said before maybe it is time to see the places that you missed on your way out.



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