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Preparing mountains of luggage, planning every single detail, not forgetting your child’s favourite toy, finding the right places… We know that organizing a family holiday is somewhat complicated if you want to have everything under control and we also know that kids are equally demanding travelers as adults. Ibiza, at first glance, doesn’t seem the best destination for traveling with kids, but actually, you’d be surprised of the amount of things you can do on the island that the whole family can enjoy. And after all, who doesn’t like a beach destination?


One Place

If Ibiza is a perfect destination for the small ones and the grownups is for its geography. Dozens of coves and beaches are ideal for having a good time by the sea. And among all these wonders of the coast, there are some that are just perfect for enjoying with children. One of them is Cala Tarida, as it is a beach with calm waters, a shallow sandy bottom and has plenty of nooks to explore. This beach is located in the southwest coast of the island, at the bottom of a hill where most of the restaurants and hotels in the area are situated, and easily accessible from the beach. The great virtue of this beach is the great offer of watersports one can enjoy here, such as snorkeling, kayaking, water skiing, inflatables pulled by a boat… the options are endless and the kids will have fun nonstop while you can relax quietly on a sunbed in the shade of an umbrella.


One Restaurant

And since we are in this part of the island, we want to take the opportunity to show you a very special restaurant in Cala Tarida. This is El Chiringuito, a place where you can enjoy any of the dishes that any beach bar should have: varied baguettes, fresh salads, all kinds of tapas, and of course, chilled drinks to combat the heat. In this restaurant you’ll be able to enjoy a great serving of ‘Jamón Ibérico’ while the small ones can enjoy their own selection of specialties such as spaghetti bolognese and chicken nuggets. The Chiringuito Cala Tarida is that kind of restaurant that everyone loves and that will be the best choice when looking for shelter in the shade when the heat is at its peak..



One Experience

The beach wasn’t enough to tire out the kids? Ibiza also has other entertainment options in nature on firm land. In this case we want to share with you a very special experience that your children will love. We’re referring to Acrobosc, a family fun park which consists of zip-lines strung between pines. It is located in the north of the island, in Es Canar. Here, with full safety measures, you can enjoy a tour of pure adrenaline. We hope none of you suffer from vertigo.


One Event

Throughout the summer there are all kinds of events for all ages: village festivities, concerts, inaugurations, markets, exhibitions… But perhaps the ones where both children and adults can enjoy alike are the markets held weekly throughout the island. One of the most recommended ones to visit is the craft market of Sant Joan, an authentic feast in the village every Sunday. Here you can admire the work of craft artists and get the opportunity to discover the charm of the inland villages of the island. Also, there’s always impromptu live music and activities that make each market day unique.


One Moment

One of the most special moments you can experience in Ibiza for the whole family is to take a the ferry to Formentera. You might be lucky and on the way see a pod of dolphins. It is always worth visiting and discovering the paradisiacal beaches of Ibiza’s small sister island. At Formentera you’ll enjoy a memorable land and seascape, and sailing to it is also a very pleasant boat tour through the Mediterranean sea. In addition, if your children have never traveled aboard a boat, they will surely be delighted with this small getaway by sea. These are the moments that will become a unique memento of the your holiday.

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