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The whole family is bound to have fun in Ibiza with these tips from Residencial Bagamarí. The lighthearted side of Ibiza is lesser known, but little ones of all ages can have the time of their lives far from the nightlife that, in fact, is not the whole story on this island.
Keep in mind that our villas, some having up to four bedrooms, let you enjoy a wonderful, hassle-free family holiday with all the amenities your family needs.

Because we want each and every member of your family, from the youngest to the eldest, to have a sensational holiday, we have selected 4 outings for you to enjoy all together as you discover the family side of the most beautiful island in the Mediterranean.

1.Family Beaches

As the island’s top attraction, we really must start with its beaches, of which there are over 200. Luckily, many of those that are most suitable for children – where they can swim and jump and play in safety – are quite close to Residencial Bogamarí. One of them is Port d’es Torrent, only 5 minutes from our villas. This beach offers several great family restaurants, water activities, and a large sandy beach where kids can amuse themselves with their spades and buckets or build sand castles. Moreover, this lovely beach is set amid pine trees and green foliage. Another family beach is Pinet, where many locals go for a day with the kids. Located along the San Antonio Bay (and also very near Residencial Bogamarí), its waters stay shallow a good ways out and the atmosphere is friendly. 


At both of these beaches, the kids can splash in the waves or get industrious in the sand while their parents lounge comfortably on a towel or a sun bed. There are plenty more ideal beaches, perfect for families to spend memorable days together. Check them out here.

2. Unexpected Trip

Another outing you shouldn’t miss, and one that kids always love, is a trip to our sister island of Formentera. First of all, the trip there is, in itself, a big adventure, since it is only possible to go by boat. With a bit of luck, you might even encounter a group of playful dolphins out in the blue – which would definitely be one of the highlights of the whole holiday. Our recommendation for your transport to Formentera is Cruceros Portmany , a long established inter-island boat company, where safety and service come first.


3. Stepping out at Night

Ibiza has its hidden charms where the whole family can enjoy special moments under the starry sky. For example, an evening at the outdoor cinema. Thanks to Cinema Paradiso, you can spend a summer night lying on a puff on a sandy beach, or even within the walls of the Old Town, as you view the best films of all times, from kiddy flicks to classics of every era. Check out the program here and all the places where showings will be held. Action!


4. Ibiza Has Surfing, Too

A great outing the whole family with love: Riding the big one at Surf Lounge Ibiza, located right on the beach along the San Antonio Bay. Thanks to its big artificial wave, big thrills are guaranteed. No previous experience needed as the staff monitors will teach you all the tricks and have you surfing in less than an hour. Pure fun!


This venue also has a restaurant and chill-out area, where parents can indulge in some cocktail therapy while the kids are having a blast surfing.


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