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A sunset in Ibiza is an unforgettable moment. The island is famous for many things, but one of them are its sunsets, especially those that are accompanied by music. The places to see the sunset from are very varied: from lively and crowded places to more quiet spots, and from beach bars and restaurants to places with live music, drumming and percussion parties… Here’s a selection of some of them.


One of the best places to watch the sunset from is Cala Comte beach (Cala Conta beach), or Platges de Comte, which is the official name. This set of three little beaches overlooking the islets of s’Illa des Bosc, sa Conillera and s’Espartar is a beautiful place where the sun sinks into the sea showing an overwhelming palette of colors. A good place to see it is on the beach, on the sand or in any of the beach bars and restaurants there. One of them is Sunset Ashram, where they have a DJ to accompany the sunset with music. Having a refreshing mojito or a nice and cold beer as the last rays of sun caress the turquoise sea and the islets of the area is a unique experience that you’ll fall in love with.


Equally special is the sunset at Benirràs beach, with the islet of Es Cap bernat, a great rock coming out of the sea with the shape of a finger giving a magical touch to the whole site. Benirràs, located in the north of the island, is a place where on Sundays numerous hippies congregate to play drums, dance and sell crafts on the beach. A very special place to live the bohemian Ibiza from a beach entirely surrounded by pine trees and with several beach restaurants where you can relax and have a drink.


Yet the ultimate place for watching the sunset in Ibiza is the Sunset Strip of Ses Variades, in the town of San Antonio (Ibiza), where the legendary Café del Mar is located, as well as many other traditional establishments when putting a soundtrack to the sunset, such as Mambo and Savannah. A lively and crowded area where you can watch the sunset accompanied by the music of the best and most famous dj’s from all around the world. All this in a great atmosphere with people of all nationalities which you can enjoy while having a nice drink or dinner. Although it’s better if you go a while before the sunset because in the summer it’s very crowded and maybe you won’t be able to find place.


A more quieter and relaxed place to watch the sunset is the area of the Natural Park of Ses Salines, where the sun is reflected in the salt ponds in a beautiful way. There are several beautiful spots to watch the sunset from, for example from Cap des Falcó, where there’s a restaurant where you can have some drinks, cocktails and dinner, and also from Sant Francesc, right next to the church, where you can see how the king star sinks into the salt ponds. A beautiful show of colors. Don’t forget your camera.

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